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Every Board Festival 2016 | FAQ | ENG

Every Board Festival 2016 is an unique event which main goal is to gather all of the board sports in one weekend. It is now 5th edition this year and we can see a lot of changes and developments comparing to previous events. We have got one week left until the EBF (16-18 September), so we asked one of the organizers – WiktorGogarowski – some questions.

How did it all start? What was the begging of Every Board Festival?

It was an idea of Kuba „Futek” Futerhendler, who created the perfect project of the festival in his head. Back then there was no idea for the name nor the exact place or anything besides that, however he knew he wanted to gather all board sports in one place. When Futekhad tragically died noone thought of making his dream tocome true. Then his father, Robert Futerhendler, took the idea up.

Bez tytułu

He gave usa chance to organize first spontaneous edition of the festival. Despite the small budget we succeeded in creating a big set point in calendar of polish sport events. In my opinion, the secret of the uniqueness of EBF lays in our emotions.  To my mind, everyone who would participate in the event will feel this unique vibe.


Is there anything new that you have prepared for this year’s edition?

We had our ups and downs during these four years, however please take it into consideration that we are still in the process of learning. This edition will be a lot different than the ones before. We decided to make a step forward and expand the area of the event. From creating a festival town to changing the race track (for longboard, buttboard and mountainboard)to a more challenging one, with a ski lift right next to it! Huge thanks to Winterpol for making it happen!

What are the categories?

This year we focused on several categories which are: LONG, SKIM, MOUNTAIN, SNOW/3SKI, FREEBORD, BUTT and SKATE. In each of these disciplines we have added new features. We managed to get a snow machine which is able to provide us with artificial snow even in 30 Celsius degrees conditions. There also will be a skatepark and a miniramp, two level skimboard track, an artificial wave from CARVER and more!


Could you tell us more about the race track?

This year’s track will be a lot different than before. We got the Olimpijska street in Karpacz, which will definitely be challenging for you for 3 days. It is 1000 meters long, has 100 meters of an elevation change, 3 turns including one with 15% (!) grade. Top speed is around 65-75km/h. Track may not be for everyone because of its reached velocities. It requires certain skills like sliding and being comfortable with high speeds.  It may not be a good place to start learning downhill. Skating down this road takes about a minute or a minute and a half and whole loop (with going up the hill) takes about 7 minutes.

12010529_848876078544669_373205635747334329_oFot. LUCA Longboards

How will the race look like?

As always – first qualifications and then race heats. Times will be measured with photocells. We start on Friday, 16th September at 3 PM, then we launch first practice runs. On the same day in the evening  at the top of the track we are going to have a Slide Jam organised with help of Hell’s Boards crew. We will do it in Downhill Disco style – check the video below.  We will get some pipe, a big kicker, maybe a table to make it all more interesting.

Saturday is the day of the freeride, which will later turn into time and cup qualifications. We start in the morning and finish at 7 PM. On Sunday there will be a race with finals of longboard, buttboard and freeboard category.

What is required to take part in the race?

Of course slide gloves and fullface helmet – safety first. Leather suit is not required, but highly recommended.

12045244_848876471877963_3992091476338068029_oFot. LUCA Longboards

Party time?

Friday evening is all about chill at the camp with some DJs music and good movies. Saturday will be all about parting. Our friend Leszek Brzozowski will be in charge of music – he is a guarantee of a good vibe.


What are the costs?

Everything is on our website www.everyboardfestival.com/rejestracja. Costs start from 20 PLN (~5 €) for just being there and 70 PLN (~17 €) for being a race participant (this price is till 12th September.)

What about accomodation?

We provide two possibilities – a free spot on the campsite or a bed in the LIMBA Hotel which will be completely owned by us. It is 40 meters away from the festival town and it will cost you just 80 PLN (~20 €) for the whole weekend. These rooms are for 4 or 5 people, but we cannot assure you about the exact allocation (which means we cannot tell you in which room exactly you will be booked in). We sell only spots in the rooms, not a full room, so if you want to sleep in one room with your friends you will have to speak with the reception at the place. If you would like to sleep at some other place, there will be a festival bus on your command. All you have to do is call the driver and he will drive you to afterparty and back.

Fot. Longboard Legnica

What are the awards?

Our main sponsor this year is XIAOMI, the biggest rival of GoPro in sport cameras industry. We have a few cameras as a prize for the first places. I think it is a good alternative for deck prizes, however, you could also win some good wood. Our friends from Hell’s Boards Shop will provide some sick stuff, so it is worth competing. I hope everyone will find something cool for them.

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