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Interview with Dawid „Fabian” Pabian


Dawid „Fabian” Pabian – base of polish longboarding. He shook the scene for years, a few knows about technical stuff as much as him. He does comprehensive work in longboarding – decks in Antidote Longboards, precision trucks in Pursuit Trucks, aerolids in Darkside Helmets and organizes each year Burów Downhill Skateboarding Race. Start of the year is good time for some answers, so we made an interview with Fabian.


Fot. LUCA Longboards


 Fot. Antidote Longboards

1. First off I would like to ask about decks of yours, which is Antidote Longboards. You were one of very first to open longboard manufacture in Poland, but it doesn’t mean, that you are sitting still – apart from changing graphics  you added fresh new deck to the lineup – the Ragnarok. What can you tell me about it?

All in all, few years passed being in the buisness. This year is already 8th birthday of Antidote Longboards. Regarding new deck in lineup, we decided to take course on freeride. Till this moment we focused mainly on pure downhill and decks were simpler, but in Ragnarok we decided to free our minds and there are some freeride bonuses.


Fot. Antidote Longboards

2. After few years you created Gravedigger, a slalom deck. After the premiere you achieved big success –  first place at last year Izdebki Camp riding it. What was the idea for the deck? Why you decided to go into slalom skateboarding, which is not popular at all in Poland? 

We are renewing polish slalom, more likely we are initiating it, cause like you said in Poland slalom practically doesn’t exist. We designed the deck in 2013 line, but because of lack of time the project didn’t come up to daylight. Nevertheless Piotrek (cofounder of Antidote Longboards) beginned slalom training on Globe cruiser, which he had pimped slighlty and slowly we succeeded in designing our own deck. As regards to Izdebki, it was very well-considered plan, because from the begging I assumed that Gravedigger would have baptism of fire during this event because of track characteristics. I’m really glad that it got me all the way down in one piece and on the highest place on podium.


Fot. Antidote Longboards

3. What will be Antidotes next move? Maybe dancers?

I am really sorry, but there will be no dancers. From the begging we are definitely downhill fans. With all respect but dancing is completely not of our interest. Next move propably will be push deck, because that what I am currently on besides downhill.

4. Move on – Burów Downhill Race. It is 4th time that you are organizing that event with Piotrek, and it is already a fixed point in longboarding event calendar. This year you moved the date from half of May to half of June. Why?

Decision of moving the date was set mainly because of unsure weather in May. Secondly, same time are held final tests for highschoolers – some riders resigned last year because of them. Also last year there was time conflict with Czech event. This year we avert that, so polish riders may race with our neighbours.


 Fot. Filip Susmanek

5. Will you invite speedrollers and street lugers? Can we expect some novelties?

For now speedrollers and street lugers are certainly in like last year. Organizing gravity fest we cannot forget about them. If there are more willing riders, there are no problem to ride down the track on something else then just longboard.


Fot. FlyPics

6. Now lets talk about Darkside Helmets. I know, that you tried to produce aerolids few years ago, but in 2014 you went into that heavily. We can see huge amount of likes on Facebook, Marcus Aldanucci as a teamrider, IDF approval on Kozakov, Darkside was seen even in Australia. How can you rate this past year for Darkside? Success or failure?

Truly I tried building aero long time ago, after coming back from IGSA in Thalgau. In 2008 there was inundation of Risch aerolids and I decided to make one on my own. It was clunky and too big, so it spent a lot of time picking up the dust in  the closet. Then Szymek (teamrider) took it, pimped up the shape and got it on the track, but finally he got a new one.

I tried to retake to the topic and sat down on a new Darkside project, which won approval in few palces. In midtime we got in touch with Marcus and from word to word I decided to support him. He is young and, ambitious, so I did not have any problem with small sponsorship.


Fot. Darkside Helmets

7. Tell me, does it take a lot of work in producing one lid?

Despite I already worked with lids and had some knowledge, new project took me a lot of time and labour. All starts with designing the model, then you have to take the mold from it, next make the laminate, cut, varnish and you can go with the flow. But generally making all of this for one piece is not very beneficial. On the beginning I tried to make few pieces for my closest friends, but we ended with dozen or so.


Fot. Darkside Helmets

8. What are you planning with Darkside in 2015?

There is a plan, there will be some info on fanpage. Now I have to work with some other brands.

9. Last but not least – Pursuit Trucks. It is one of two brands in Poland producing precision trucks. Is it hard to design your own scheme of trucks? How difficult is it to transfer it on CNC machine?

There is some fun with prototyping, you think „it is just trucks”, but they are crucial for each setup. I experimented a lot, but with nice final effect. As to CNC cut, designing in 3D is not that complicated, cutting is also automatic, machine communicates with programs, so besides prototypes it is rather simple thing to do.


 Fot. Pursuit Trucks

10. What awaits for Pursuit Trucks in 2015?

Realisation of the project, which was tested on last year race in Żarnowiec. The track was quite nice and new shape and angles passed the tests. New trucks will probably „to touch” on Woods&Wheels 18.04!


Fot. Tomasz Krawczyk

11. What other things do you have on your mind? Some races to win?

I surely want to ride more, because last year I rode heavily only 3 times during the events. I plan to participate in some of the CGSA events. Moreover I would like to take care of all my projects.


Fot. Dina Petelska

12. Quick last question – in 2015 I wait for…

Next, hopefully better then previous season :).



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