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Polish team on KnK Longboard Camp 2014
3 lutego 2015
Longboard Girls Crew board – skrojona dla kobiecych stópek
4 lutego 2015
na końcu artykułu wersja w jęz.polskim

I had a chance to see full length movie during German Premiere 17 January in Cologne.

Event was organised by ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne at Ludwig Museum cinema.



Last week Longboard Girls Crew released online short extracts from OPEN movie.
LGC in Tel Aviv shooting OPEN Pic by Matt K (


As I arrived to city centre it was clear that somewhere near longboard event is going on. A lot of people were skating and playing with boards in front of Ludwig Museum. Inside there was around 220 people all excited and couldn’t wait for screening.

Valeria KechichianCo-Founder and Managing Director LGC came specially for this event and opened premiere together with Heiko Schöller – owner of the ConcreteWave Skateshop Cologne.



My summary after movie is short: Great shots, beautiful places, incredible music, humor, scary moments, message and the most important 14 girls skating Israel with style, flow and skills that many man would envy.

Foto 2_cindy-1024x573

Cindy Zhou (


This short released movie is not a summary of full version, they are just different parts of the film put together. You can see there scenes from 50s about American Housewives, and this is general conception in the movie. This bring not only smile and laugh at the audience but thoughts about women in action sports in general, how situation changed during the years.


After screening concrete wave skateshop Cologne and Longboard Girls Crew made a lottery for the audience, one of the prize was LGC board from first collection which should be ready in March 2015!


After premiere I had a chance to ask Valeria about the OPEN project



Laura: OPEN is not just another longboard movie, there is something behind it. First of all I want to ask who is a motherof this project.

Valeria: Jacky, Monica & I had the idea one day in a bus ride. We were thinking on going just us with a GoPro and ended up in what it is today.

As I always say, projects like this made by women featuring women with a really high technical and performance quality reinforce our role in the Action Sports scene and therefor in society in general.

L: Why Israel?

V:We started thinking about Israel cause our Dasilva Boards brothers had just visit us in Madrid and the connection between us was so strong we thought about giving them a visit.

Also, skating Israel was insane to think of… some of the oldest roads and most history-charged roads skated by girls. How awesome was that?

L: How big is longboard community in Israel? 

V:Bigger than what we thought! And it’s such an amazing community. One of the best moments of the trip was when we got to jam with everyone.. it was beautiful!

L: How long have you been working to organise this project? 

V: Three months before the shooting and more than a year after… a lot f time.

L: Why Daniel Etura?

V: We liked his edgy side. He’s a very talented film maker and we were looking for something different to our previous projects.

L: We all know that Longboard Girls Crew is non profit organisation, was it hard to get the funds for the movie?

V: Very much! We have great sponsors and we also did an Indiegogo campaign which helped but we still need to cover a lot of the costs of the movie.


L: So, 14 best female longboarders, did you know all of girls personally before Open?

V: Not all of the but most of. I didn’t know Cindy, Cami, Katie, Micaela, Jenna & Gina and they are all amazing. I love them.

L: How long did you make shooting? And how long did you stay in Israel?

V: It’s crazy to think that everything happened in less than 15 days.

L: We saw in the movie some dangerous moments, do you try to close the road while filming? Was it possible in Israel?

V: No, no closed roads, just like in real life.

L: You have just released 15 minute short extract from whole movie. We can see there some scenes about American Housewives from 50s. Was it a conception from very beginning or it came during postproduction?

V: Post-production! Ad it turned out so well, I love it. Daniel Etura came up with it and Maria Carrasco helped to find the right images, they did a wonderful job.

L: I have to ask about music. Its a key in action sports movies. Music in OPEN just fits perfectly! Was it hard to find proper one?

V: Music is always key in videos or movies. Daniel spent a lot of time searching but then it took a lot of time to get the permits.

We used a lot of our friends’s music. I’m lucky enough to have amazing musicians as friends: CSS, Frank Turner, Jay Malinowski, Smile…. They were all stoked on the project and generously have us their music. Daniel contacted Devendra Banhart and he was stoked as well. It’s so rad they support us. Some of the other talented artists are Kubinski, RF Extreme, Fuel Fandango, Juaneco y su Combo, Kevin Mcleod or Kellee Maize.

L: Any plans for next production?

V: First we need to keep showing OPEN!

L: Do you have some surprise for polish longboard community?

V: Yes! There may be some surprises, riders & boards 🙂

L: Thank you Val, it was a pleasure to meet you. We all hope to see you soon in Poland!

V: Me too! Thanks a lot gorgeous, you’re amazing and I can’t wait to be over there. All your support means the world. xx



Here you can find more short clips from OPEN:

Official trailer:

2’nd trailer:

Landyachtz Clip:

Daddies Clip:

Kahalani Clip:

Vault & Incus Clip:

Loaded Clip:

Orangatang Clip:


Don’t forget to check profiles of this 14 females:

Katie Nelson / Amanda Powell / Cindy Zhou / Marisa Nunes / Cristina Mandarina / Jenna Russo / Gina Mendez / Micaela Wilson / Cami Best / Eider Walls / Ishtar Bäcklund / Gádor Salís / Jacky Madenfrost / Valeria Kechichian

Author: Laura Godek

Yesterday was a premiere of NEW LGC BOARD – more info You can get over HERE

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