Polish team on KnK Longboard Camp 2014

Polska ekipa na KnK Longboard Camp 2014
1 lutego 2015
Open – LGC skates Israel and interview with Valeria Kechichian
4 lutego 2015

By Krzysiek Powierża

KnK Longboard Camp is one of the most popular freerides in Europe. For me it was quite a challenge to complete the track without even one bail into the hay on the bends. It was easy to fall out if you made the slide in wrong timing or took wrong line – you gain speed in a blink of an eye. It was very fast & technical course – you had to ride well to get 100% pleasure.

Track on Findhills


Last year we managed to gather 8-folks team (me, Mąka, Mat, Ewel, Michu, Grzesiek, Aśka and Łukasz) and go on fantastic 2 week trip to south Europe.


First week we spent in Croatia sightseeing, looking for some nice spots in Rijeka (mainly me + Mąka), chilling or just pushing to the horizon.


Because we couldn’t find quarters we could afford, 3 days straight we had to sleep under night sky on the beach with magical view on the city across the bay. Each morning we were waked up by bunch of old geezers – they needed 7 A.M.-ocean swimming badly.


Last day before departure to Osilnica one ultra-positive and friendly Croat lodged us – sadly, I can’t remind myself his name. Next day, well rested, not fully safe and sound we set off to Slovenia on KnK.

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As to the movie, I was thinking about the conception last few months. It sounds silly, cause the clip lasts barely 3 minutes, but I can only fulfil something with momentary afflatus. First it supposed to be dubstep, then vaporwave vibe like in skateboard clip of Bronze, next there was longer lapse – I remitted, because I didn’t have any idea. Fortunately, I heard that nice, fresh sound from polish raper R.A.U., which in few seconds cleared what to do. Enjoy the view!

By Krzysiek Powierża

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