Second life of New Olders helmet

Drugie życie kasku New Olders
7 lutego 2015
Interview with Dawid „Fabian” Pabian
9 lutego 2015

Second life of New Olders helmet

In 2014 luckily (thanks to Dina) I got my first truly downhill fullface – New Olders Super Race. Comfy, secure, but most important – GREEN!


After year of constant use helmet was worn out – scratched, under sticers the varnish came out and that kind of stuff. I was truly down in the dumps – I know that helmet isn’t made for putting on the ritz, but if you spend a lot of money for one you require to shine like a diamond. Then I’ve got an idea – let’s get it custom painted by professional, it will be truly one and unique!


Around autumn I searched for a painter that could do the job – I got in touch with Filosh (Pink Machine Tattoo) and Skuha. I took of the visor, all the screws and innee lining, scraped off old varnish and polished precisely. Then put the helmet into the box and sent it to Warsaw for painting.


I told Filosh, that I want graphic inspired by NASA astronauts helmets and some of the futuristic ones from sci-fi movies. Plus the Deathproof skull and of course something green.



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I didn’t know, what Pink Machine sculpting, I just got feedback, that after a month my helmet is on his way to my hands. When it came, I’ve opened the box and it was MAGIC! Ask yourself, if it was worth all the work – I was so excited like a little boy and send selfied to half of my folks!


Foto: Marcin Choiński 2DM

And you? What would be your idea on custom helmet? What other stuff would you like to pimp?

Thanks to:

Pink Machine Tattoo


New Olders Longboards



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